Borun advantages


Strong R&D, manufacturing, test capabilities:

CREAT-POREEN focuses on the development mode of combiing production, learning and research. Ist has established coperative R&D and postgraduate joint training mechanism with universities such as CEPRI AND North China Electric Power University. It has reliabillity laboratory, EMC laboratory, precision test laboratory, High-power power electronics laboratory, protection test and system simulation laboratory and other domestic and international advanced laboratory. It has an annual production capacity of 50 sets of HV SVG device and 200 sets of APF devices.

Creat-poreen sells quality product while providing excellent service to its customers. Based on curstomer needs, Creat-poreen tailors problem solution for its customers. About 100 the professional sales service teams can provide professional and technical services for 24hrs a day, minimizing the waiting time for the customer. The professionalism and efficiency of its sevices have a good reputation among the customer base.   

Full qualification certification guarantee.

Creat-poreen has passed ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO18001 quality/environment/occupational health and safety management system certification.

Global Development Ideas
Across the sea and all over the world, Creat-poreen products have successfully entered the Southeast Asia and Middle East markets, and have reached strategic cooperation agreements with a munber of overseas manufacturers, and oveseas business is in a steady growth phase. 

Systematic and Sound Sales, Service Network.
Relying on headquarters marketing center, Central China sales region, South China sales region, East China sales region, Southwest sales region and Vietnam sales region, Creat-poreen forms the production, sales and techical service system covering Chian and Southeast Asia.