Core products


  • LVVariable-frequency Drive

    Variable-frequency Drive(VFD) is a power control equipment which applies variable frequency techology and microelectronic technology to control the AC motor by changing the working power frequency of the motor. The voltage and frequency of the output power supply are adjusted mainly by the breaking of the internal IGBT

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  • Dynamic Voltage Restorer(DVR)

    The voltage sag is a phenomenon in which the effective value of the load voltage drops to 10% to 90% of the rated value and the duration is 0.5 cycles to 1 minute. The short-term voltage interruption is a case where the effective value of the load voltage is less than 10% and the duration is less than 1 minute.

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  • SSTS

    Precision manufacturing equipment is generally very sensitive to voltage. In all power distribution system accidents, voltage sag and short-term interruption account for 70% to 80%; and in transmission system accidents, the ratio of voltage sag and short-term interruption is more than 96%.

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  • LV Thyristor Switching Filter(TSF)

    The main function of LV Thyristor Switching Filtering Compensation Device(TSF) is to dynamically eliminate harmonics and compensate the power factor according to the load conditions. This device is easy to operate and maintain, has fast reponse speed and less inevestment, is widely used in places with the load of certain fluctuations in metallurgy, coal mine and other industries.

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