Great events of Kerui


  • CREAT-POREEN power electronic business division was established, and the entrepreneurial team came from national engineering reseach center of transmission & disbution technology of CEPRI.

    The company’s first 35KV SVC device(water-cooling type) for EAF steelmaking system was put into operation in Fujiang Shunchang Steel Company.

    The company’s first filter compensation device for EAF was put into operation in Shenyang Dongyang Steel.

    Key Science and Technology project of State Grid, SVC and AVC Joint Modulation of FuJiang Grid, passed the acceptance of the experts.

  • Statcom product development completed and passed the test by the CEPRI.
    First STATCOM device has been put into operation in HUNENG Heilongjiang Branch.

  • Became a subsidiary of CREATIVE DISTRIBUTION AUTOMATION CO., LTD (stock code:002350)

    125 Mvar SVC project for 150T EAF of Wuhan Heavy Industry has been accepted succesfully. 

  • Super Capacitor Charging Device developed by CREAT-POREEN was successfully put into operation on the world’s first supercapacitor storage type tramcar line.

    150 sets of STATCOM equipment of CREAT-POREEN were put into operation.

  • Single-phase to three-phase power device for railway sigal was officially put into operation at Datong Shanying and Datong Yingxian railway station.

    Intelligent Power Quality Calibration Device(IPC) was put into operation successfully.

    SVC project of Tangshan Stainless Steel 1580 Plant was successfully put into operation.
    Member unit of the first council of CHINA ASSOCIATION OF METROS

    Converter of supercapacitor charging device for tramcar was selected on the list of  first (set) significant technical equipment demonstration project of Zhongguangcun in 2015.

    Supercapacitor Charging Device for Tramcar was selected on the list of Beijing New Technology and New Product(Service).

  • Chain cascaded and direct mounted megawatt energy storage device successfully passed the factory acceptance.

    Won the second prize of the “Creating and Start Future” 2016 international Youth technology entrepreneurship Competition Tangshan city competition, the second prize of the global finals.

    Tramcar line of Wuhan Dahanyang project, Wuhan Donghu T1,T2 line project was successfully live tested.

    Member unit of the second council of China Association of Metros.

  • Won the bidding of New Energy Modern Tramcar Charging Device Project in Delingha City.

    Won the first prize of Zhenzhou city competiton in the “Creating and Start Future” 2017 International Youth Technology Entrepreneurship Competition , the second prize of the global finals.

    The tramcar charging device from Creat-Poreen in Chedu T1 line of Wuhan Dahanyang modern tramcar was opening and put into trial operation.

    The tramcar charging device from Creat-poreen in Wuhan Donghu modern tramcar line was opening and put into test operation.