Creat-Poreen Company 2015 Annual Summary and Awards Ceremony

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Looking back on the road of 2015, look forward to the 2016 new journey! On February 2, 2016, Beijing Creat-Poreen Power Electronics Co., Ltd. held the 2015 annual summary and awards ceremony at the Huairou Production Base of Creat Group. The leaders of Creat Group, the leaders of Creat-Poreen and colleagues from various departments attended the annual meeting. The conference was hosted by Liu Ke, Manager of Creat-Poreen Enterprise Management Department,focusing on the 2015 work summary and the 2016 work plan.

The main content of the morning meeting was that the managers of every department and the leaders in chargereported on the work of the department in 2015. The managers deeply summarized the main achievements and existing problems in this year's report, put forward suggestions for improvement, proposed the prospects for the work in 2016, and at the same time,clarified the work ideas and work development direction. The reporting leaders clearly stated the “gain and loss” of this year. They elaborated on the performance in 2015, the review of the work, the reflection, and the goals and business plans of the work in 2016, and focused on the current needs for improvement to strengthen the cultivation of main competent talents, break the deadlock, and create greater glories.

At the beginning of the afternoon meeting, the manager of the enterprise management department publicized the performance appraisal results of various business units in 2015. Subsequently, Zhang Jiao, Chairman of Creat-Poreen, summarized the work for 15 years, commended the work performance of each department in 2015, and also guided the work plan for 2016. Mr. Zhang pointed out that the true essence of the company culture "to be successful, we must strengthen ourselves"is to be goal-oriented and practical, and emphasized the entrepreneurial spirit of honesty, self-discipline, dedication and innovation. Mr. Zhang stressed that to manage a team, it is inseparable from the efficient management of the heads of various departments. As the core of the company, it is necessary to lead the employees of the departments, keep up with the pace of development of the company, shoulder the heavy burden, and work hard with the enterprise.

     Then, General Manager Shen Wei and Chairman Zhang Xinyu of Creat Group made speeches at the meeting. Shen gave the work guidance from the aspects of cost, benefit and innovation, and encouraged all employees on the site to work together to create Creat-Poreen’s  better tomorrow. Mr. Zhang expressed his confidence in the development of Creat-Poreen, pointed out the fierce competition in the market development and the difficulties we face, emphasized that we must adapt to the changes in the market, and make precise innovations, and expressed Creat Group’s support to Creat-Poreen.Work together, and we will make further progress in 2016. After that, General Manager Shen and Zhang of Creat Group, General Manager Zhang of Creat-Poreen, and the relevant in charge leaders signed the 2016 annual target responsibility letters.

In the last part of the conference, the company commended the outstanding employees, outstanding teams, labor models, and special contributions of innovations in 2015. Creat Group leaders and Poreen leaders presented awards to the winners. At the same time, the manager of the enterprise management department expressed gratitude to the employees who are struggling in the first line and our partners on behalf of the company.

In the end, the leaders of Creat Group together with all the staff of the company had a dinner together.With a table of delicious food, the annual meeting ended in a happy atmosphere. This annual meeting not only summed up the work in 2015, pointed out the work directionfor us in 2016 and at the same time increased the cohesiveness of the large family of Creat-Poreen. To be successful, we must strengthen ourselves. I believe that under the leadership of the company, and with the joint efforts of all employees, we will be able to overcome difficulties and make great achievements in 2016!

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