Hand in Hand to the Wonderful "Basket" - Beijing CREAT 2018 Basketball Game

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In order to promote the communication among all the departments, strengthen the cohesiveness of the team, and create a cultural atmosphere embracing sports and healthy lifestyle, CREAT Labor Union has launched the 2018 CREAT Basketball Gamethemed“Hand in Hand to the Wonderful Basket”.

Picture 1 Competition Scene

The basketball game has always been a traditional competition for CREAT for many years. Based on the tenet of “Safety and Friendship First, Competition Second”, we organize the PK between the CompleteElectric Equipment Team and the POREEN Team on the afternoon of October 12. At 3: 30 p.m., players are present to prepare for the game. At the opening whistle, the entire stadium is instantlyfull of tension and the players’ passion. During the game, all the team members go all out, defendcarefully, blockeffectively, and fight more and more bravely, showing their excellent psychological quality. The colleagues present at the scene are also with high emotions, clapping their hands, and cheering for the players from time to time in a warm atmosphere. Each player is working hard to cover their teammates withwonderful passes, greatcooperation and brilliant layups now and then. There are also accidental falls in the game, but no oneis affected and the mood of the game maintains good. The players pat their partners’shoulders and comfort each other.

Picture 2 Basketball Players

At the beginning, our team does notarrange properly, so the score is slightly behind.But everyone plays hardand strives for every score with the best spirit. In the final stage of the competition, our new employee - Liang Jing, leads the team to an advantage with two three-score goals. Finally, we win the final intense and exciting competition with a score of 20 to 10.

The basketball gamenot only enriches the life of employees, but also strengthens the awareness of employees to do exercise, unite and cooperate, and enhances the mutual communication and understanding. The spirit of"friendship first, competition second", and "team first, individual second"is fully showed. This time the victory does not make the team smug, and on the contrary, everyone is modest and looking forward to the follow-up games.

Figure 3 Competition scene

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