Successful R&D of Low Voltage Physical Model Device for Multi-port Flexible HVDC Transmission System

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Under the cooperation of various departments of the company, the low-voltage physical model device of the multi-port flexible DC transmission system was successfully developed on December 18, 2018. The factory test was completed in the laboratory of Huairou workshop, and the results of all technical indicators were up to standard.

Flexible DC Converter Station Cabinet

The device consists of 7 true bipolar MMC soft DC converter stations, 1 energy storage station, 1 topology reconstruction switch system and 1 set of local-remote monitoring system. Its flexible interface in the topology, which can flexibly realize the disassociation and reorganization between various components and switch the operation mode of multi-port aggregation station to the six-terminal flexible DC operation mode through the topology reconstruction switch system, has good scalability and reconfigurability. As for its controlling system, each flexible converter station can realize multiple control modes compatible with multiple voltage levels of DC output functions, and can realize the coordinated control among converter stations with no interconnection. The unified local-remote monitoring system can realize the remote control, telemetry and remote adjustment of all equipment in the system, and has multi-recording conditions, freely configurable recording function of multi-recording channels, and the function of waveform display and analysis. It is both for the use and verification studies of the multi-port flexible DC , new energy delivery and energy storage networking, and the establishment of small low-voltage DC grids.

The Monitoring System

It has successfully gained a number of technical achievements, including the true-pseudo bipolar flexible DC converter station control technology, full & half bridge MMC power module control technology, batch power module test technology, multi-port flexible DC coordination control technology, and the unified local-remote monitoring technology for multi-port flexible DC system, which has become the important technical reserves for the company's follow-up multi-port flexible DC programs, enriching the company's product categories in this field,  and enabling the company to enter the market and seize the market opportunities.

The image of the whole set equipment

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