Forging Ahead Regardless Of The Storms And Waves - Creat-Poreen 2017 Mid-Year Work Summary Meeting

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In the bright sun, Beijing Creat-Poreen people are full of passion. On July 21, Beijing Creat-Poreen Company held the 2017 Mid-year Work Summary Meeting in the multi-function hall of the production base, which comprehensively summed up the completion of the work in the first half of the year, and planned the workfor the second half year.

First of all, the department managers reportedthe work of the first half of the year, which not only summed up the achievements, but also reflected on the shortcomings and determined the working ideas for the second half of the year.

Then, every leader in charge also summarized and analyzed the work that they take charge of. After listening to the reports of the leaders of various departments, Zhang Jiao, Chairman of Creat-Poreen, made a comprehensive summary and made clear the work priorities for the second half of the year. Summarizing the past and looking forward to the future, we are not afraid of challenges. In the future, we will continue to move forward with fuller enthusiasm.

In order to award everyone for their hard work and dedication, the company has arranged a variety of entertainment projects and mountain climbing activities. All the staff went to Wuling Mountain Villa together and started a colorful outdoor journey. The mountain-view room surrounded by beautiful clouds, all kinds of entertainment programs, delicious delicacies allow everyone fullyenjoy and relax.

The two-day mid-year conference and staff activitiessuccessfully completed. Through this meeting, everyone summed up their work, clarified the work priorities in the second half of the year, and unified the work ideas. During the event, everyone further understood each other, and in the bursts of laughter, everyone was full of enthusiasm and confidence. I believe that in the future work, we will be more united and willing to help each other, actively respond to the market full of opportunities and challenges, and move forward braving the wind and waves.

Created on:2017-07-01 10:20