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On the gathering moment of Mid-Autumn Festival, there are such a group of hard-working people making contributions on the land of Suzhou. In order to ensure the smooth operation of the Suzhou Distribution Network DC Project, the manager of the POREEN R&D department leads the personnel of the department and the project operation department to work overtime in Suzhou. The leaders of the POREEN company visit the site to give the guidance. At present, the commissioning of the converter valve bank, the no-load high-voltage test of the converter valve sub-module, the low-voltage test of the control system, and the water-cooling system commissioning have been completed, and the high-voltage joint commissioning of the valve bank and the control system are undergoing.

After the demonstration project is put into operation, the flexible high-density distributed energy consumption, the intelligent high-quality power configuration, the coordinated control of the network source storage can be realized, and it explores a new mode of distribution network DC power supply, which can effectively support the city construction of Suzhou as an international energy reform and development model city.

Created on:2018-09-28 10:35