Creat-Poreen Power Electronics Co., Ltd(Referred as CREAT-POREEN) is the subsidiary of Creative Distribution Automation Co.Ltd(Stock Code 002350).

CREAT-POWER specialized in the R&D, production and sales of reactive power compensation and power quality control equipments based on HV and high-power power electronics technology, specail power source, samrt microgrid system , energy saving and emission reduction related product.its core team is from National Engineering Research Center of power transmission & distribution and power saving technology, China Electric Power Research Institute(CEPRI). It has many years of experience in product R&D, scientific research, engineering implementaion and market operation in the power industry.

The Company’ products include Static var compensator (SVC),static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), solid state composite switch (SSCS), solid state transfer switch (SSTS), active power filter (APF), modern tramcar charging device, HV port shore power, energy feedback device, enterprise integrated energy saving system integration, microenergy network etc.

CREAT-POREEN has set up five regional sales and technical service centres throughout the country, which consititutes a complete sales and technical service system. Since its estabishment, the compay has provided hundreds set of high-quality power quality control products for domestic new energy power generation, metallurgy and heavy machinery manufacturing. At the same time, high-quality products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions.