Corporate culture


Version——Technology-based, Keen on innovation, continue to promote the progress of the  electric power technology.

Purpose——Focus on customer, Sublimate ourselves, Reward shareholders, Boost the country through a successful business.

Spirit——Integrity, Self-discipline, Dedication, Innovation.
Talent Concept——Know the business, Good at management, Dare to be responsible, look overall situation,commitment, keep forging ahead.
Know the business: business skills are the foundation of doing well and managing your own work.
Good at management:management is to achieve goals through others, management practicereminds us that we must focus on communication, be good at listening,  learn to understand and improve EQ.
Dare to be responsible:Success and progress are often accompanied by increased accountability.
Look overall situation:considering overall situation, willing to venture a small loss, often will not lose much, caring only for oneself and squaring accounts in every detail  will not get much. 
Commitment:Through the ages, geniuses come from hard work. Examples of success coming from hard work are numerous.Commitment is behavioral characteristics of thosewho have great ambitions.
Keep forging ahead:passion makes dream come ture.only by struggling can we succeed. Success
Is the foundatio of enjoument.