Enterprise recruitment

Enterprise recruitment

FPGA R & D Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1. FPGA / CPLD related software design;

2. FPGA / CPLD related hardware circuit schematic and PCB design;

3 board level and device level commissioning.

Job requirements:

1Bachelor degree or above;

2At least two years working experience in FPGA / CPLD;

3 Can independently complete FPGA / CPLD related hardware circuit schematic and PCB design;

4 Proficient in VHDL or Verilog, able to independently complete FPGA / CPLD related software design;

5Working background in power system related industries or familiar with power electronics related devices is preferred.



Electrical structure design engineer

Job responsibilities:

1、Responsible for the structural design of high and low voltage panel cabinet;

2、Responsible for the structural design of high-pressure equipment installation bracket;

3、Responsible for IGBT, IPM module structure design, mechanical analysis, material characteristic analysis, creepage distance, electrical clearance, CTI design, drawing of parts and components, structural mechanics simulation, verification, etc., to ensure the reasonable and effective product structure;

4、Be responsible for providing civil engineering information to users and guiding equipment installation on site.

Job requirements:

1、Bachelor degree or above in mechanical or mechatronics; more than 3 years in mechanical structure design;

2、Have the knowledge of high voltage equipment, have the experience of design in switch factory or high voltage inverter factory;

3、Familiar with the basic theory of power system related major, with solid knowledge of mechanical structure design;

4、Skillfully use relevant software engaged in mechanical structure design, such as AutoCAD, proe or SolidWorks, to design mechanical structure;

5、Mechanical calculation ability is preferred;

6、Good communication and cooperation skills.


Electrical Commissioning Engineer:

Job responsibilities: 

1.Be responsible for the construction, installation, guidance and commissioning of 380v-1000v capacitor compensation device, and put the equipment into operation;

2.Be responsible for the installation guidance and commissioning of 6kV ~ 35kV high-voltage electrical equipment;

3.Responsible for secondary control and protection commissioning of high-voltage electrical equipment;

4.Communicate and coordinate with customers on site on behalf of the company;

5.High voltage test or secondary factory commissioning of the equipment;

6.Complete other tasks assigned by the company. 

Job requirements: 

1.Bachelor's degree or above in electrical engineering, power system and automation or more than 3 years' relevant working experience, college degree; 

2.Working experience in high voltage electrical construction management of substation; 

3.Familiar with the construction and acceptance specifications of high voltage electrical equipment installation engineering, with the experience of on-site installation and commissioning of primary equipment in substation;

4.Familiar with relay protection, substation control and protection equipment installation, commissioning process, secondary electrical equipment test and commissioning experience, familiar with installation engineering construction and acceptance specifications;

5.Can use AutoCAD, office and other common software;

6.Have sense of responsibility, work actively, have good coordination ability;

7.Good health, able to travel on site frequently;

Note: job requirements 2) ~ 4) one of them is enough.


DSP R & D Engineer

Job responsibilities:

1.Hardware architecture design of embedded system based on TI DSP;

2.DSP embedded software programming and function realization can be independently responsible for all software development work in the project;

3.The writing of bottom driver;

4.Cooperate with the joint commissioning test and test of secondary system and high voltage power electronic device;

5.Prepare corresponding design report and commissioning report.

Job requirements

1At least 3 years working experience or 1 year master's working experience in power system, power electronics, automatic control and other related majors;

2.Proficient in digital, analog, circuit theory, power electronics and other theoretical basis;

3.Proficient in TI DSP programming language, with embedded product design experience;

4.Proficient in DSP / BIOS, UCOS II and other embedded operating systems;

5.Able to solve technical problems independently, have a strong sense of innovation, good English reading and writing skills.


Electrical primary design engineer

Job responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the structural design of the whole set of equipment;

2.Responsible for the electrical construction and installation design of the whole set of equipment;

3.Cooperate with civil engineering design;

4.Participate in the design liaison during the design process, and carry out the liaison and clarification of relevant technical issues; 

5.Selection of various electrical equipment, preparation of technical agreements, etc., such as power capacitors, reactors, disconnectors, etc;

6.Provide technical support for project bidding, quotation, site installation, etc;

7.Other tasks assigned by the company.

Job requirements:

 1.Bachelor degree or above in power / electrical related;

2.More than 3 years working experience in electrical primary design;

3.Familiar with electrical design specification and design manual, familiar with AutoCAD and other drawing software;

4.Familiar with all kinds of electrical equipment, materials and components, such as power capacitor, reactor, isolation grounding switch, etc;

5.Good at learning and communication, with team spirit, able to deal with the relationship with colleagues and customers;

6.Responsible and active in work;

7.Have a certain ability of coordination and communication.


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