Team style


Marketing Team


CREAT-POREEN attaches great importance to the constrution of the marketing team. The company fomulates systematic marketing strategy for different market segment, and at the same time established a market sale team with strong synergy, high service level and well connection

Manufacturing Team


Relying on the advantages of talents, CREAT-PORRN has attracted a large number of outstanding technicial personnel to join it. The company has more than 80 technical backbones now. the techical areas of his expertise cover power system automation, system simualtion, high voltage technology, power electronics techology various related subject areas. Its rich experience in project development and on-site implementation provide a moving force for the company’s development.

R&D Team


Currently, CREEN-POREEN has more than 40 R&D personnel. From Tsinghua University, North China Electric Power University etc., as well as related techical field of power system. Its rich experience proveds necessary support for the leaping development of CREAT-POREEN.